Is polymer your prozac?

Don’t you love to watch other people working when you’re not? I’m basking in the southern sun this week and have enjoyed seeing people like Berlin’s Conni Filip get a head start on the next holiday.

Some of her futuristic heart designs are magnets and some are money pockets with secret slots for gift giving. Below are the baked bases (I’m guessing Ultralight) that she then carves and paints.

Since I’m sucking up wifi at fast food joints this week, I’ve had to scurry through links and sites. Folks have been stuffing full of their fabulous polymer finds.

If polymer is your prozac, spend a little holiday mental health time with Kathy Weaver or me or Anke Humpert or a number of other polymer enthusiasts on Pinterest.

  • reply Cynthia ,

    Sorry for the late post. On the road home and stopped for lunch to check. What? No comments? In my haste I had set the time wrong. Can’t wait to get to my network and my desktop machine.


    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      Seriously love the pure white hearts–what a fabulous piece of work. But Prozac? Nah–polymere is my bliss. Pure bliss.

      • reply Sarah ,

        Love those hearts!

        • reply IreneB ,

          Well,from what I know,those are made of airdry clay,then painted with oil paints.

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