Polymer that emerges with hope

“I’m loving this new project,” Heather Campbell said in October, “It’s so physical and messy. I guess a darker side of me needs to erupt and show itself before I can move on.”

The December result is Holding It Together, a large polymer and mixed media sculpture with a hopeful, healthy message for the end of our year.

Heather explains that, “Our strength is our ability to sew and hammer and bind, to glue and nail each piece of ourselves together, until the strength of our parts makes us whole again. Holding it together is our challenge, emerging with hope is our goal. We are survivors.”

The scale and power of this piece is remarkable. Watch Heather rip into a mannequin form that serves as the base. Scroll down to watch this big girl take shape.

Heather will teach others how to make a powerful personal portrait of their own at Maureen Carlson’s Center in May.

As a fitting start for the new year, she received word that her rustic, layered polymer necklace has been chosen as a finalist for a Niche Award! Visit the Niche site to see more finalists. Happy 2012 to all of you!

  • reply donna Greenberg ,

    I love her quote about “holding it together” Great words for all of us. I also got a tickle out of the typo at the beginning of the whole paragraph. Healther. It’s so fitting.:-)

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      Donna – Healther, indeed. That was right on but I had to fix the misspelling.


      • reply Heather Campbell ,

        Happy New Year Cynthia! The last of my holiday guest just left yesterday, finally a minute to breath from all the fun and frolicing….Thanks for the post and I must say that PCD just gets better all the time. Is that possible? Cheers!

      • reply Heather Campbell ,

        Hey Donna…. can’t wait to see your new website! Love your design style. Thanks for your comment and sense of humor. That’s what it’s all about… 🙂

      • reply Loretta ,

        WOW! What a gorgeous piece of art! The size and scope of the project is impressive. And the ideas behind it intriguing. From one maker to another I wonder if it looks like it did in your mind’s eye…Heather?

        • reply Heather Campbell ,

          Hi Loretta,
          Thank you for your comment!
          My artwork usually starts as an idea in my head, then I make a general sketch and then the rest just comes as the idea develops in process. I try to keep open to inspiration as it comes…. which is usually in the middle of the night…..Yikes! Sometimes I’m just as surprised with the result as anyone else. That is really fun!

        • reply Susan O'Neill ,

          What an ambitious new undertaking (even for Heather!) Having seen some of her other works up close, and met the woman herself, her Niche inclusion is both deserved and not really that big of a surprise. Congratulations!

          • reply Heather Campbell ,

            Thank you Susan….I love your polymer interpretation defined in your work… it is very unique and interesting, not to mention very cool and beautiful. It was so fun to meet you in Chicago. I hope we connect again in our travels. Happy New Year!!

          • reply Maureen Carlson ,

            Heather is one of the bravest people that I know. And did I mention that I’m awed by her vision and creative voice?

            • reply Heather Campbell ,

              What a lovely thing to say Maureen….I think we are “kindred spirits” you and I. Can’t wait to visit with you again. Hugs!

            • reply mira pinki krispil ,

              Amazing piece of art and just to read what Heather wrote about this piece very exciting it is a big challenge to survive

              • reply Heather Campbell ,

                Pinki… I need to get to know you better! You are such an inspiration to me. Your sense of humor is contagious and I love following your colorful creations. Thank you for your nice comment. Best withes for the New Year!

              • reply Alice Stroppel ,


                • reply Heather Campbell ,

                  Thanks Alice! I want to be friends with all your funky clay ladies!!

                • reply Sandra ,

                  that mannequin it is out of this world. I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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