The UK’s Angela Garrod has been named a 2011 polymerista on the European Voila site. Experimenting with making extruded polymer into links, chains and coils, Angela came up with a number of fascinating hollow designs like this Hula Hula necklace.

She says of her Hula Hula necklace, “It is 13″ long and flexes like a snake. Colours range from all shades of greys to violets and magenta and reds. Basically like a giant skinner blend.”

The construction of this dramatic piece is baffling. You can see more of her experiments on her Flickr site. If you ask questions in the comments, maybe Angela will tell us more.

  • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

    WOW…amazing work by Angela! Love the Chain Maille necklace on her Flickr site as well! It’s got me scratching my head! 🙂

    • reply Susan O'Neill ,

      As one who constantly attempts to push the envelope regarding the forms that polymer can take, I too, am baffled by this delicate “slinky”…

      • reply Carol Blackburn ,

        Good to see you featured today, Angela. I’m looking forward to seeing your latest polymer pieces on the London Polymer Clay Group ‘show & tell’ table on Jan 29th!
        Carol xxx

        • reply Angela Garrod ,

          Hi Carol,
          Thank you so much for your kind words. I do also owe a great gratitude to you and the London Polymer Clay group and its members for the welcome I received since I joined your fantastic group. Your encouragement and support have been marvellous. I would urge anybody who starts out in Polymer to join a local group for not only the friendship but also their expertise which they gladyly share with you. Thank you Carol, see you on the 29th with hopefully a few more of my pieces.

        • reply Christine Dumont ,

          And I am eagerly waiting for her next piece. Her work is superb, surprising and sure to wow!

          • reply Angela Garrod ,

            Thank you so much Christine!!! Your appreciation means a lot to me!!!

          • reply Angela Garrod ,

            Hello Cynthia,
            Thank you so much for featuring my work again in such a short space of time!!! A great honour indeed!!! I do try and create a piece that is a bit different. I like to push the boundaries and love experimentation. I don’t think my love affair with Polymer Clay will ever end! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their good wishes and congratulations. Regards Angela

            • reply jan Montarsi ,

              From one Extrudaphile to another your work is awesome. your Bride to Be is one of my Fav’s !!!!!!!!

              • reply Alison Gallant ,

                Congratulations, Angela, this spotlight is well deserved! I too am looking forward to seeing what you bring to our meeting on the 29th. No excuses now!!

                • reply Angela Garrod ,

                  Thank you so much Alison!!!!! I will of course bring some new work with me. You know me,don’t you. Lots of love Angela

                • reply Sera ,

                  Oh My….all that extruding! Its making my wrists ache just thinking about it! 😉 Great job btw – I really loved the black and gold one on the flickr site – it was truly inspired.

                  • reply Carole M ,

                    It looks like the piece has movement to it. Very fluid.
                    I see that she uses kato clay i can’t find it in any stores by me.
                    I will have to turn to the websites to get some.
                    so i won’t have to worry about dropping and breaking my pieces!!!

                    • reply Kay Olson ,

                      Carol, you can order Kato Clay from Firemountain Gems.

                    • reply Paula Gilbert ,

                      Well deserved title. What awesome work she does.

                      • reply Kay Olson ,

                        Angela, you are truly someone who thinks “outa the box”. This is amazing! What size disc do you use in the extruder?

                        • reply Angela Garrod ,

                          Hi Kay, Thank you so much! I used the disc with the smallest hole.

                        • reply Sandra ,

                          Angela Garrod and Viola excellent artists I hope i could be good as they.

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