Smooth sailing polymer

Moonlight on the Ocean is the title of this polymer bracelet from Warren and Robbin Moeller-Smith. On a cold winter’s day it’s warming to think of this duo working in polymer on their boat in the South Pacific. They integrate natural finds from their sailing adventures into their designs.

The bracelet design gives a nod to Cynthia Toops’ rolodex design with a wink at Alice Stroppel’s cane technique surrounding lovely silver accents.

The Moeller-Smiths have temporarily abandoned ship to visit the shows in California and Arizona. You can see their work here and here and read about their travels here.

  • reply Melinda Hayes ,

    ooooooooooooo nummy!

    • reply donna Greenberg ,

      I’m always inspired by Warren and Robin’s work and lifestye. Lovely piece as usual!

      • reply Alice Stroppel ,

        It’s lovely and I’m thrilled to have contributed in a small way to the creation, if only with a simple cane idea. The life Warren and Robbin live and the work they produce are so adventurous and inspiring.
        Thank you Cynthia for featuring them and the link.

        • reply Nena ,

          Very nice. I love blues 🙂

          • reply jan Montarsi ,

            I love seeing their work cross my Flickr path !!
            The mix of materials and craftmanship is Stunning !!!!!!!!

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