Buzzing, skittering, crawling polymer

Allow the color to wash over you as you watch Jeff Dever’s Edensong Revisited – Buzz, Skitter and Crawl YouTube video. This 3-minute video chronicles the growth of Jeff’s piece through installations at the Fuller Craft Museum and later at the Racine Art Museum.

The closeups show sinuous shapes and gradations of color on lovely alien creepy crawlies. Jeff promises the debut of his website later this year.

Note that the Racine (RAM) polymer exhibit closes on February 5. The museum is offering a Kathleen Dustin mug and Terra Nova: Polymer at the Crossroads book package deal. Thanks to Maggie Maggio for the link!

  • reply Carmen ,

    Oh Shoot (as we say in Texas)!!! I purchased the book before the mug was available.

    • reply carissa ,

      What I like about Jeffrey’s work is that it is so clean and deceptively simple. As someone who struggles to create unusual shapes I can appreciate the sweat equity that goes into these pieces. I also love his use of color and how well his choices integrate together.

      • reply Sarah Pennington of Hip Earth Designs ,

        I have goosebumps! I’d love to spend one day in his studio. I have so much to learn in comparison. The color transitions, and the imagination. Amazing!

        • reply Tea ,

          I just saw this exhibit at the RAM a couple weeks ago. SO glad I did. It was wonderful. There were also some Kathleen Dustin and and Jeffrey Deever pieces of jewelry for sale in the gift shop.

          • reply Cindy Hulsey ,

            I am dumbstruck when I see his work! There are no words to describe how beautiful and amazing it is.

            • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

              Incredible works! Absolutely stunning in every way!

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