Wisdom of the heart

Estera from Croatia speaks the international language of love…in polymer.

In fact you’ll find her two Etsy sites here and here filled with paint-spattered, mosaic and textured hearts in fresh, inviting colors.

There’s no imitation or struggle to prove herself here, just an exhuberance and innovation that’s pleasant for a Thursday browse.

  • reply suzanne ,

    it is definitely worth browsing through Estera’s etsy shop! she has a lot of fun ideas and rings to enjoy! very colorful!

    • reply Sarah Pennington of Hip Earth Designs ,

      Those colors are so inspiring- her shops are beautiful and these look like they would be so much fun to create!

      Any Cynthia, you were great on the webinar yesterday- I really enjoyed it. (I’m the one who commented that I was going to steal my husband’s power tools.) 😛

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