Time for polymer hearts

Time flies and it’s nearly time to gather up all the hearts in your studio and deliver them.

These lovelies from Israel’s Eti Raz and Massachusetts’ Amy Crawley may inspire you to make a few last-minute valentines.

Eti’s heart is covered with cane slices, layered with a clock face and given patterned wings. Amy’s is inked, textured and stamped. Both of their sites are full of more examples. Love, any way you want to say it.

  • reply Kayleigh ,

    So funky and colourful 🙂 I love the colours of Amy’s and the wings on Eti’s.

    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

      Love is right. I love color and pattern and these are both delightful. Thanks for sharing Amy’s and Eti’s work with us today.

      • reply Amy Crawley ,

        Cynthia, thank you for making my day and featuring my Luv heart. All the hearts featured the last few days have been wonderful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

        • reply Varda ,

          Eti, what a wonderful surprise.
          What a beautiful piece. And there are so many more on your Flickr site.
          YISHAR KOACH

          • reply Wendy Moore ,

            Amy’s hearts are lovely and it was wonderful to explore her site. Her writing about mindfulness and her Monday mindfulness exercises are inspirational. Really practical – so thanks for another great link Cynthia. (PS I typed this sentence left handed! Read the mindfulness posts to see why!)

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