Houndstooth hearts

Louisville pediatrician Ron Lehocky has made 18,200 polymer hearts which makes him the valentine king. Today is his day. Blow a kiss toward Kentucky.

Not only has Ron raised $10 for each of those hearts which goes to the KIDS Center, he’s also raised the bar on what one person can accomplish. Other polymer artists have helped by sending Ron their scrap clay and old canes (he has enough to carry him through 2020).

Ron started his project as a small fundraising effort in 2005. It’s fun to look back at the PCDaily posts that have charted his climbing numbers.

This year Alabama fans asked Ron to take up the houndstooth challenge, a tribute to coach Bear Bryant who wore a houndstooth hat. After a few trial and error canes, Ron created these as his entry. Here’s another recent photo of his 2012 designs.

Email Ron if you’d like to purchase a heart and spread a little love. Happy V Day.

Love Notes

Just one more! Check out Tejae Floyde’s love note hearts for a Valentine’s Day love story.

  • reply Francie Owens ,

    Way to go Ron! The houndstooth turned out great.

    It was at our last Mammoth Cave retreat that the request for the Alabama/houndstooth was made. The Alabama fan brought a red coat lined in houndstooth to give Ron something to work from. And I could see the cogs start turning in Ron’s head. I think he’s nailed it!

    • reply Iris Mishly ,

      I have several pins by Ron which I purchased @ Synergy and I cherish them very much 🙂
      It’s a big “Mitzva” to be a part of his wonderful project.

      P.S – a “Mitzva” in hebrew means an act of human kindness.

      thank you Cynthia 🙂

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        Ron is a hero. No joke. Happy Valentine’s Day, Ron!

        • reply Alison Gallant ,

          Oh Ron, they are beautiful and I love the cane. Synergy 3 is just over a year away so we’ll expect several hundred/thousand hearts for there!! Looking forward to seeing you again.

          • reply Judy B ,

            i love the houndstooth! Almost as much as I love Ron. Good works from a good guy!

            • reply slenz ,

              I wI was lucky enough to meet Ron at the previous Synergy and purchased quite a few hearts for gifts (well most ended up still with me). It is a wonderful feeling to purchase for a cause but it is even more wonderful to be able to own an impecably well crafted work of art from a most dedicated Physician/Artist. Ron’s work is an execution of excellence, thoughtfulness, and dimensional dynamics all in the canvas of a heart. Thank you Cynthia for celebrating this man’s work yearly.

              • reply Leslie blackford ,

                So very talented and such a dear sweet person. Love the houndstooth!

                • reply Priscilla ,

                  Ditto, Leslie. Seems Ron can take on any challenge, both in quantity and quality of his art. That houndstooth just makes me say Wow!

                  • reply Daphne Seaman ,

                    Ron, these are AWESOME–just like you! You have such a generous heart, and you make beautiful heart! I am so happy to know you!~~ KING, King of hearts…yes, you are–mine included!

                    • reply Sandra ,

                      Houndstooth hearts are fantastic the color are alive and specially where the money will go.

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