Rebekah Payne gave up on these polymer earrings. She figured she had nothing to lose and baked the sad, scooped out green beads. Then she let them sit around for a while. She layered them with paint and added dots. They started to look better. She hung crystals in the hollows and topped the beads with some wire wrapping. Rebekah calls them her Happy Returns earrings.

This story of persistence and patience is a good one to start the week. Get the full scoop on her blog and scroll through her Etsy offerings. Don’t you have ugly ducklings waiting to become swans?

  • reply Pippa ,

    So happy to see Rebekah’s wonderful work on PCD! This is such a great story and the earrings are so lovely!

    • reply Anke Humpert ,

      Rebekah´s earrings are wonderful!!! Especiall if you know the story behind them…;-))

      • reply Rebekah ,

        What an honor to be featured on my favorite polymer clay blog! Thank you so much Cynthia!

        • reply Wendy Moore ,

          • reply B. J. Baughman ,

            That is one of the things I just love about this medium and mixed media, and altered art, etc.
            Nothing has to be a mistake and tossed. There is always something else you can do with or to it. It is so rewarding!

            • reply Sherry Bailey ,

              I keep saying “there is no such thing as scrap clay”!

              My current “Thing a Day” goal is to use up as many unfinished abandoned chunks of clay as I can — this is exactly the sort of project that “salvages” something you hadn’t figured out what to do with. Rebekah is in the groove!

              • reply Angi Mullis ,

                Beautiful work Rebekah! I am new to the world of polymer clay, and your work is wonderful inspiration!

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