Travel to Australia via France! Isa07 (no real name) revisits a trip to Australia with this Melbourne necklace. She reproduced the colors as she remembered them. Then she built canes and stacks of mokume gane which she combined into a series.

The playful, carefree juxtaposition of the beads take you on a wonderful trip. Travel sensitizes your eye to the color and patterns of a place. These Australian beads from a French perspective seem right on target.

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    What a beautiful piece. The colors are wonderful!

    • reply isa07 ,

      Oh thank you thank you very much for this honor for my work. Melbourne is one of my favorite piece in my creations. In addition this day (Feb. 22) it’s in France the holy Isabelle!!!. What more to rejoice my day!
      Again thank you very much.

      • reply Trips and Tips ,

        Its really joy for your eyes! It would be a great present to someone. Beautiful necklace.

        • reply Karen Woods ,

          Putting a shrimp on the barbie for this one!! great color palette!

          • reply kat ,

            Yes !!!! Isa super d’être là, c’est superbe collier et un très beau travail. Bravo

            • reply Bea de Quand Même ,

              Bravo Isa et merci Cynthia pour cette mise à l’honneur.
              Waouh un petit d’Alice Stroppel en personne …. Félicitations !

              • reply Sophie Arzalier / cristalline ,

                Et bien ça alors, super nouvelle que voici !!! Bravo Isa et bonne fête ;-)))))
                Ce collier a des couleurs à tomber !

                • reply francoise ,

                  Bravo Isa !

                  • reply Isa By IC ,

                    Congratulations Isa !!!! It’s really your day today !!!!!!

                    • reply Mimi-Pinson ,

                      Félicitations pour cette mise à l’honneur bien méritée!

                      • reply suzanne ,

                        this necklace is wonderful! i tried to read through your blog, my french is not so good,
                        but it is enough to see and understand your fun writing and your magnificent and
                        playful pieces!

                        • reply cecile g ,

                          Félicitations Isa !

                          • reply Debbie Crothers ,

                            ….and coming from Aus the colours seem right on target to me too. What a fantastic piece. Off to look at more of her work now.

                            • reply susan c whelan ,

                              Love this piece – I’d even buy a new outfit to wear with it, and orange is my least favorite colour. Thanks for sharing.

                              • reply roselyne ,

                                félicitation Isa pour cette mise à l’honneur bien méritée,biz roselyne

                                • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                                  What a fabulous interpretation of the Aboriginal design on a boomerang she collected. They are the true colours of “outback” Australia.

                                  • reply sandra ,

                                    all her work is fantastic.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    • reply lachicailuminada ,

                                      Isa est une super polymériste!!! bravo cette création est superbe!!!!

                                      • reply malou ,

                                        bravo isa 🙂 ton travail le mérite tellement !!!!
                                        c’est toujours beau, harmonieux avec des montages toujours originaux : bravo c’est fantastique.

                                        • reply Nanouka ,

                                          Bravo Isa! Tu mérites vraiment cette mise à l’honneur!!!

                                          • reply isabelle LEBROU ,

                                            I know this lady, Isabelle is a wonderful woman, who works with such particular skills on each beads she produces. That’s incredible how her imagination can reach her skills for our pleasure to wear these necklaces and rings …..I love this one particularly.

                                            • reply JINe ,

                                              oui, ça c’est bien vrai que tu mérites cette mise à l’honneur!!! Piratesse de mon coeur de polymériste , va !!! bises et merci à Cynthia d’avoir eu ce coup de coeur !!!!JINe

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