Polymer sculpture in bloom

The newest polymer sculpture from Germany’s Angelika Arendt reminds me of the colorful hillsides here in southern California where I’m visiting. Angelika’s steep landscape draws you in and doesn’t disappoint.

On the sunny slopes the orderly rows of cane slices have budded. Other patches are awaiting their turn to bloom into bigger color and texture. I’m tempted to run my finger down the side of this dazzling polymer mountain.

Look closely here. Have a colorful, blooming weekend.

  • reply Liz Hall ,

    I love it, so cool, the colors and texture are wonderful. Do you know how big it is, I’m assuming smallish?

    • reply donna Greenberg ,

      Angelika has such a unique voice that speaks through all of her work. I can get lost in the details for hours.

      • reply selma ,

        Beautiful sculpture, a beautiful piece of art! Interesting details and I like the colors. Very pointilistic. 😀

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          It’s a veritable Field of Dreams!

          • reply suzanne ,

            Angelika’s work is breath taking! when i saw this sculpture first, i thought they are beads… only when i looked closer did i see what it really is. lovely colors! she must be an extremely patient person! also her drawings are awesome!

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              ***whew*** I am seriously outta breath here.

              • reply shirley guenther ,

                Neat use of extruded canes!

                • reply SANDRA ,

                  Angelika Arendnt art molding clay and colors she used and 3d work is grate.

                  • reply jane ,

                    • reply Louise ,

                      I really enjoyed the massive size of her work and use of color.

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