Ugly molds for beautiful pendants

Pennsylvania outdoor girl Lynn Lunger (UnaOdd) offers the processes she’s developed for making the deep molds that form her signature Rustic Nature Polymer Pendants.

Her free tutorial shows you the tools you’ll need to make what she calls her ugly molds. It details every step with photographs.

Spring blossoms and budding plants take on new life. See where she finds inspiration and examine more of her finished work on her Flickr page.

You may prefer to bypass mold-making and shop for one of the pendants on her Etsy site. Either way we owe Lynn a big thank you for her generosity in sharing her tips and tricks with us. Nice to start the week with a cool freebie.

  • reply Pippa ,

    I have loved Lynn’s beautiful work for a long time and giving us all an insight into how she makes her beautiful pendants is so wonderfully generous of her. Thank you so much Lynn and congratulations.

    • reply Melinda Hayes ,

      very nice idea. Love it and many thanks.

      • reply Selma ,

        Lynn’s work I have seen many times.Her ideas are great and original. Thanks a lot for tutorials Lynn and I wish you many creative ideas in the future! 😀

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          What lovely nature inspired inspired pieces. I especially love the pussy willow. How kind and generous to share the excellent and easy to understand “ugly mold” tute.

          • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

            Thank you Cynthia, for a lovely post! It was a very nice surprise today.

            Thank you all for your very kind comments. I was hoping it was easy to understand. I kept having to retake photos when I realized I had forgotten to include tools in the pictures. :^D Have fun everyone who gives it a try!

            • reply Karina ,

              Awesome!! Great Idea and Beautiful Creations ^__^

              • reply jjjuudy summer ,

                i used to do wax sculpture for metal casting. i made many molds of pourable silicon. if you search it, you will find firm, medium and soft. for my latest mold, of a running horse relief, i painted it with latex mold rubber until i got a nice thinkness, and then surrounded this with plaster to hold it in shape. it is very cheap to do it this way, and you can also do much larger deep pieces. it isnt pretty either, but functional. e mail me if you want more info on this.
                i am happy to see such interesting, different and lovely work done for production.

                • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

                  Jjjuudy, Thank you for the feedback! I know one supplier is Smooth-on and I made a special ‘field trip’ and visited Smooth-on today. I am lucky enough to live about 20 minutes from their offices/warehouse in Easton, PA. I talked with one of their very friendly and helpful technicians. I came home with Mold Star 30. I’ll be testing it out soon. Your technique sounds interesting too!

                • reply sandra ,

                  thank Cynthia for the free tutorial How to make molds from lynn Lunger .Also thanks to Lynn.

                  • reply Silvana Bates ,

                    Thanks for sharing this, I was messing around with something like this,but yours are beautiful

                    • reply Lynn Lunger ,

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