New Zealand’s Marisa McLuckie sent in the link to her Piko Art Aotearoa. Polymer’s a perfect medium for recreating the koru, one of her country’s national icons and an integral symbol in Maori carving and tattoos.

Marisa’s strong unfurling frond designs are turned into unusual pendants, dreadlock beads, and hairpins that symbolize life, growth and strength. Enjoy this new work on her site.

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  • reply donna Greenberg ,

    Stunning and direct! Marisa’s work is a breath of fresh air.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Stunning, bold, yet graceful way to honour Maori/New Zealand heritage.

      • reply jana ,

        I’ll ditto everything that Donna and Anita said….love this! Clean, simple and perfectly formed…nice work, Marisa!

        • reply Tinnette Hemmons ,

          All her necklaces are wonderful, from the cord wrap to the faux stone look.

          • reply Selma ,

            I like the precision and purity of the elements! Spirals are otherwise a symbol of eternity because of that, they have a special charm. Really amazing work!

            • reply ByCreativeHands ,

              What a great idea to standardise measurements for pasta machines. Mine never correlates with instuctions and I’m often left confused…. I’ll get measuring!

              • reply Karina ,

                Wowwwww !! All her Creationss are Beautiful ^_^

                • reply Carole M ,

                  Such great flow to everything you do.
                  Including the string work.

                  • reply sandra ,

                    Love her art. Cynthia, one of these days I will send my work to you. But I need to be better.

                    • reply Pati Bannister ,

                      I love the simplicity and elegance of this piece.

                      • reply Julia Torkelson ,

                        I adore the polymer hairsticks. I tried making some a couple years ago and they couldn’t handle the strain of holding super long hair. I wonder if she reinforces them somehow? Either way, super gorgeous!

                        • reply laurette ,

                          “simple”, elegant and really beautiful…congratulations

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