Dayle Doroshow’s Rounds are playful accumulations of layers and cane slices and they remind me of the playtimes that Dayle and I have had together. These pieces began as companion pins for her fabric collages.

She added center pieces but abandoned that idea when someone said they resembled breasts. She set the work aside.

Over time the designs were revived with more slices and fiddling. They seemed to play nicely with each other. Notice the stamped scrap beads she uses as spacers in the resulting necklace.

Dayle practices what she preaches in our Creative Sparks book (now available as a download). She shares many tricks for stalking your muse and for teasing each project to a happy conclusion.

  • reply Maureen Carlson ,

    I love the words “stalking and teasing” an idea into a happy conclusion. My experience of classes with Dayle is that she gives permission to use all of our resources to do this thing that we love, which is to create.

    Terrific work, Dayle … and Cynthia!

    • reply Selma ,

      Amazing piece of art jewelry!

      • reply Dede Leupold ,

        Your work Dayle, brought a smile to my face! What fun!

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          The “rounds” certainly do play well together! I especially like the flexibility of design so that “rounds” can be worn either together or separately and also unique stamped scrap bead spacers.

          • reply dayle doroshow ,

            Thanks everyone for your lovely and encouraging comments. Cynthia, you caught me by surprise- I’m at t Seattle airport waiting for the shuttle to get to Artfest and have an hour to wait- and thought- well I’ll go check on PCDaily. Thank you! These pieces went thru alot of I love ‘,em I hate ’em so I’m finally glad to have them resolved and now will move on!

            • reply Karina ,

              Beautiful Creations ^_^

              • reply Judy ,

                Love the book. My mind is currently doing somersaults and jumping through hoops! Certainly lots to not only get me into the studio, but also making me stay there longer!

                • reply Deborah Groom ,

                  You had me laughing with the comment about them looking like breasts. Seeing the five strung together, if Dayle had left them like that, she could have called the piece “Every Man’s Fantasy”. Seriously though I really admire Dayle’s work and her gift as a story teller through her art. She evokes feelings and a sense of richness. Thanks for sharing this with us.

                  • reply Mary Fassler ,

                    I love the piece!
                    Can’t wait to work with Dayle this summer!
                    And Dayle’s book is as inspiring as her work.

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