Energy like bubbles

Moeller-Smith pendants

A little texture, a little mokume gane, some shape and a whole lot of spring color make these pendants by Warren and Robbin Moeller-Smith into a bunch of fun. There’s more on Flickr.

Their textured bronze bails fold over the top edges to create perfect companions for polymer pendants. These artists/sailors create on a floating studio in the South Pacific.

In the tagline for their Artistic Energy series of pendants they ask, “Where does it come from? Like bubbles on the sea –sometimes there, sometimes not.” Where will your artistic energy come from this week?

  • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

    Lovely 🙂

    • reply Julie Picarello ,

      Robbin and Wayne have such style and spirit, both in their art and personally as well. It’s a pleasure to see their lovely work posted here!

      • reply Selma ,

        So nice texture! Beautiful color combinations, some parts are like a Klimt painting. I Like it a lot! 🙂

        • reply Marlene Brady ,

          I have a hard enough time taking photographs on a solid surface, I can’t imagine on a sail boat! The inspiration of their travels is apparent in their creations. Absolutely beautiful work!

          • reply sandra ,

            beautiful pendants each one has its own personality.

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