Geodes from SusanaLand

Susana Martinez created her own land during the pandemic on

New York’s Susana Martinez popped up in the feed today wearing a big bold necklace she made for a Santiago event.

I went on the prowl to get to know her. She had been in the fashion industry for over 20 years when the pandemic forced her to create a land of her own, SusanaLand.

It houses her jewelry collections, her fashion line, and even showcases her mother’s hand-woven wares.

Her mokume gane meets geodes meets resin in a wonky, cheery jumble of styles perfect for today.

Wormy polymer

Dunn on PCDaily

Judy Dunn’s clever constructions and her polymer folded cranes peace project kept catching my eye as I thumbed through the archives. Her tutorials for making cranes are still on YouTube.

Judy’s life got busy and she was pulled to other pursuits. I sent her a note saying that we miss her fine work and I hope she comes back to polymer. In the meanwhile, we can still learn from the ways she combined and recombined short wormlike shapes into interesting groups for earrings and necklaces.

Vacation posts from the archives

Best holiday gift

It’s warm in Australia and Sabine Spiesser needed some summer color for her brooches. Her display in the Waverly Arts Society netted Sabine the Best In Show award. Well deserved, wouldn’t you agree?

You can see a couple of the samples Sabine created for Helen Breil’s new book on her Flickr site.

Keep those juices flowing

Jodi Creager is wishing that all her friends receive a big bottle of this precious elixir this season. As Jodi says, “Merry Whatever!”

Energy like bubbles

Moeller-Smith pendants

A little texture, a little mokume gane, some shape and a whole lot of spring color make these pendants by Warren and Robbin Moeller-Smith into a bunch of fun. There’s more on Flickr.

Their textured bronze bails fold over the top edges to create perfect companions for polymer pendants. These artists/sailors create on a floating studio in the South Pacific.

In the tagline for their Artistic Energy series of pendants they ask, “Where does it come from? Like bubbles on the sea –sometimes there, sometimes not.” Where will your artistic energy come from this week?