Utah’s Cody Craynor has been on a mission. “I’ve basically been on a quest to create the perfect chevron bead. Why settle for sloppy beads?” he asks.

PCD last looked at his faux trade beads three years ago. His methods are mighty close to perfection and I’d like to know what he’s taught himself.

Let’s let Cody know that we’re watching and we’d love to learn from him. He says he’s never shared his methods (or met another polymer artist) but he’s open to the idea.

  • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

    Great beads.

    • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

      Wow! He does beautiful work! Love his color choices, patterns and quality of work!

      • reply Trina Williams ,

        Very precise which seems to be a trait in the male PC artists. Love the colors.

        • reply jana ,

          Beautiful work, Cody….we have a (VERY) loose band of PC folks here in SLC, so if you ever want to meet other artists and enthusiasts, we’re here! We tried to start a guild, but none of us wanted to be or have presidents, regular meetings, etc. (lol!), but a few times a year we get together at Sugarhouse Studio. Kudos for perfecting the Chevron — it’s perfect!

          • reply Sue O ,

            No point in my trying to learn what this guy knows. He is a perfectionist; I am not. I have never seen such beautifully executed beads — the striped ones are not to be believed. He is a true master and it’s a pleasure looking at his beautiful, flawless work.

            • reply Sherry Bailey ,

              Beautiful! I have tried to think how to do something similar and could only come up with meticulously hand shaving bits off the clay (which in my case would be messy!) or turning them on a lathe AFTER baking. But I never actually tried.

              • reply Tavostia ,

                Chevrons – beautiful beads. But it is very difficult for them to come up with the right jewelry design. I did not. My beads were left alone(((…

                • reply Selma ,

                  Wonderful beads! So perfectly and precisely done, excellent selection and combination of colors! I really enjoyed watching the beads and analyze them a little! 🙂

                  • reply Paula Gilbert ,

                    Cody, awesome work. I’m from Utah also, well, originally. Currently in Rigby ID.

                    • reply Michelle ,

                      Perfection! You are very talented

                      • reply Denise ,

                        Cody, these are fabulous. Love them.

                        • reply Beckie Fox ,

                          Cody, Wow! Love the colors and the crisp designs. You are quite accomplished. Sorry you haven’t met another PC artist, there are a bunch of us out here. Keep working on those beads, they are great! Beckie

                          • reply sandra grudzen ,

                            These are the best polymer chevron beads I’ve seen….we need a tutorial.

                            • reply Mary Kaye Waterson ,

                              I’d say these are turned on a lathe

                              • reply Shirali Patel Woolfrey ,

                                These are gorgeous!! Cody, you have perfected this method! Beautiful colour combinations and so precise!!! It would have been difficult to guess that these beads were hand made polymer bead had they not been on PCD!!!

                                • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

                                  I’m thinking exacting thickness, perfect joins, a good strong bake and a lathe.

                                  • reply Cody Craynor ,

                                    Thank you for all of your kind comments. I’m exploring ways to best share this approach further. I look forward to seeing all of your work each day on Cynthia’s blog. Hasn’t she created such a fantastic resource?

                                    • reply Jackie ,

                                      Beautiful chevron beads Cody, you will meet lots of polymer clay artists here!

                                      • reply MOMENToCOMPLEMENTo ,

                                        great work!! ^^

                                        • reply suzanne ,

                                          wow, what precision! they are very beautiful, so are those on your home page! like the colors!

                                          • reply sandra ,

                                            The Chevron bead is unique. I like the symmetric stile.

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