Watch the water glide over Leila Bidler’s polymer creation as you consider the possibilities for your own garden. In Leila’s home in Italy the 4″ x 11″ fountain recirculates water that flows out through holes in the flower on the top and trickles down over the sides. Click the video to see it in action.

The housing is made of bronze, copper, brass and black Premo which Leila has textured and sculpted. The aged look comes from a wash of Swellegant copper brass and black patinas topped with Tiffany green and darkening dyes.

A small submersible fountain pump housed inside keeps the water circulating.

Leila introduced this piece on her Facebook page and the conversation continues there. Thanks to Anke Humpert who brought the link to our attention.

  • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

    Wow, lovely. Congratulations Leila it is a lot of work 🙂

    • reply Iris Mishly ,

      I can see several Piazza’s in Italy with polymer clay fountains 🙂
      Leila – what a great job!
      Can I order one for my garden too? the sound of the water is so relaxing…

      • reply Alice Stroppel ,

        I love it when someone creates something in polymer that pushes our expectations. I didn’t expext to see a water fountain, but Leila has once again remined us that we haven’t really scratched the surface of possibilities with polymer clay. It’s wonderful Leila. The new finish Swellegant bring it all together.

        • reply Melinda Hayes ,

          Wow! Neat idea!

          • reply Rebecca Thickbroom ,

            A unique idea that has come together beautifully, well done. This will definitely jazz up any piazza, tourists would be lining up to take a picture. xxx

            • reply Selma ,

              ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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