Polymer and Prismacolors

Clarks Prismacolors

Colorado’s Maria Clark shows us how a limited toolbox can force you to dig deep into your creative resources and try something new.

Maria had some time on her hands because she was traveling. She purchased a package of white clay, a small set of colored pencils and a bit of burnt umber and gold metallic paints. Her only other tools were pens, pencils and a crochet hook she’d brought along.

Who knew you could get such deep colors with Prismacolors on polymer? (See Tuesday’s post on Libby Mills to see another example.) Thanks to Marian Hertzog who sent Maria’s link along.

  • reply Trina Williams ,

    What I wanted to say was that I have a bunch of ultralight bead cores from Sarah Shriver’s Big Bead class. I couldn’t do the second day so I think I will try some Prisma pencils on them. May be too soft. Stay tuned.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Such gorgeous and stunning pieces! Now I am definitely inspired to take along my Prismacolours and some white clay on the road this summer.

      • reply Michele Norine ,

        Great Work – love the depth of color!

        • reply Selma ,

          Golden color is perfectly blended with other colors. I love the contrast warm and cold colors! Really great pieces!

          • reply Pati Bannister ,

            Loving colored pencils as I do, and having worked in that medium a long time, it is exciting to see them so richly used on polymer clay. I hadn’t gotten “there” yet, but am inspired by this beautiful, beautiful work —not to mention the fabulous portability factor.
            Brava Maria!

            • reply Debbie Crothers ,

              This is quite incredible that this story has come along now. I was only talking to one of our local artists yesterday about polymer clay and saying how overwhelming it can be at times because there is simply soooo much to do with it (and yes creative slump has hit!!) and she suggested choosing 3 things and working with just those 3 things. Just goes to show it “makes” up be more creative. I’ve gotta give it a go. Awesome work too Maria – simply love it.

              • reply Maria ,

                Debbie, thanks so much for the kind words. Being away from my studio, which is packed with stuff, was tough but it was refreshing to see what I could accomplish with a very limited set of supplies. Try it, I think you’ll enjoy cutting back and seeing what emerges.

              • reply Maria ,

                Cynthia, thank you so much for the feature. It was thrilling to wake up and see an email from a friend directing me to look at PCD and see my name! Wonderful surprise. Thanks again.

                • reply sandra ,

                  the pencils colors over white clay is fantastic.

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