Beach bicones, spirals and stars

Laura Timmins’new polymer Ocean Yoko necklace sends us back to the beach with its wavy bicone beads, spiraled shells and starfish strung on cord that she hand twists from embroidery thread.

It’s as if she cast a net and strung up everything she caught.

Yoko is a new addition to Laura’s Swirl Stone line for galleries which, as you might guess, are mostly located on the seashores.

Check out the matching earrings.  What inspires you this season?

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Oh Laura, it’s spectacular.

    • reply Deborah M. ,

      Just gorgeous!

      • reply Corine ,


        • reply Vanessa Witschi ,


          • reply maureen carlson ,

            Elegance. Elegance. Eleganct clarity amidst the crash of the waves.

            • reply Cody Craynor ,

              Of course the beads are fantastic, but the overall piece is also spectacular! Not everyone – including me – has an eye for both.

              • reply Janet pitcher ,

                This piece is spectacular! It’s sure to be a huge seller, I know I would love to own it!

                • reply Ginny Henley ,

                  Ohhhhhhhhhhh wow!

                  • reply Cheryl ,

                    Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful.

                    • reply Jan ,

                      Absolutely gorgeous! I love the subdued colors and how they work together, and the swirly bicone beads are perfect for creating a feeling of motion.

                      • reply Meisha ,

                        Uhhh….WOW!!!! Almost speechless.

                        • reply Laura Timmins ,

                          Thanks for the kind words everyone!

                          I have so much fun making these! Even though I am far from the ocean here in Wisconsin, I’m imagining my toes in the sand. My favorite thing to do at the beach is hunt for “treasure”. When my girls were young we would bring stringing supplies and a hand held drill and make crazy necklaces right on the beach and wear them.

                          If you’d like to se more images of what I have available this summer you can go to and enter artist # 26476 for a slideshow. All styles (including the Yoko line) are done in all colors even if they are not pictured.

                          • reply Trina Williams ,

                            Oh, wow! I am lucky enough to have earrings and a bracelet from her first foray into swirls (circa 1998) and last years red, white and blue and the increased intracacy of design is very evident. Love ’em both!

                            By the way I saw her work in the desert, too. Sedona AZ in the world famous Tlaquepaque shopping village.

                            • reply Helen Breil ,

                              Just ran through the slideshow and what a fantastic presentation of Laura’s work. Wonderful pieces – just love the patterns & colours!

                              • reply Shannon Thompson ,

                                WOW! thats all I can say…. WOW
                                Its so beautiful….. do you commission these ?

                              • reply Cynthia Becker ,

                                I love the addition of starfish. I had not associated the swirl designs in the bicones with water before but this really gives me the feel of the ocean. Beautiful.

                                • reply Selma ,

                                  So inspiring and wonderful necklace! Now I have enough ideas. This summer will be full of blue beauties thanks to Laura! 😀 I’m glad that I discovered another great artist here on Polymer Clay Daily!

                                  • reply Barbara Sosna ,

                                    Bravo, Swirl Queen! Love the happy blend of shapes and colors!!!
                                    Keep swirling & swirling !!!

                                    • reply sandra ,

                                      Laura made amazing beach bicones, spirals and stars necklace. I liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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