Border cane tutorial

Bette Jo Hendershott offers a free and straightforward tutorial for creating tidy extruded canes.

Borders have a variety of uses and can easily be combined into more complex patterns. They’re handy to have on hand.

Sometimes the predictability of stack and repeat can make for pleasant polymer play. A little math and geometry fun for you. Thanks to Jeannie Havel and others who sent this link along.

  • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

    I love these, they seem like so much fun. I can’t wait to have a few spare moments to play with them.
    Thanks Bette Jo, very generous of you to share this.

    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

      Thanks for sharing BJ, they’re really wonderful and can so much to so many projects. Thank you Cynthia for pointing the way….

      • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

        They are geometrically delicious!

        • reply Claire Maunsell ,

          these are fabulous, thank you! Satisfying and soothing to the eye….

          • reply Loretta ,

            Very Cool! I can see adding some of this pattern to my bag of tricks. Thanks for the eye candy.

            • reply Janice Sears ,

              What a fabulous and easy to follow tutorial! I am so happy and grateful to know how to extrude canes and make borders! Not sure I would have tried any of this on my own, but thanks to Betty Jo’s generosity, we can all benefit from these wonderful techniques.

              • reply Kathi Briefer-Gose ,

                WTG Beej!!!
                as a proud recipient of a few of BJ’s canes I have to say they are THE BEST!!! her colors rock and the crispness of the lines are amazing

                • reply Melinda Hayes ,

                  very cool. Makes me want to try other ideas. Thank you fr sharing BJ

                  • reply Betty Jo Hendershott ,

                    Talk about weak in the knees, I am speechless!! What a thrill to be featured on Polymer Clay Daily. Thank you Cynthia and thank you Jeannie and “others”. I am so looking forward to seeing other folks border canes…. the possibilities are endless.
                    Happy claying, Betty Jo (my friends call me BJ)

                    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                      What a fun tute! I honestly had no idea that jellyroll canes would extrude so neatly.

                      • reply Heidi ,

                        I’m with Randee…you’ve inspired me to see what else comes out of my extruder when it went in with a pattern. Thank you for the tutorial and the ideas.

                        • reply Selma ,

                          Tutorials make me very happy! 😀 I am still a beginner in working with polymer clay. I learn from the Internet because in my country no one knows the techniques made ??from polymer clay that can share or teach others, unfortunately. Big THANKS to Bette Jo for sharing!!!

                          • reply Anita Brandon ,

                            BJ, You rock! Love your colorful extruded canes and complex canes. It’s so generous of you to share your excellent tute.

                            • reply Michele Norine ,

                              I will have to try this out and just to let you know – I can’t resist making a mirror image bead out of my scraps too! LOL!!

                              • reply MOMENToCOMPLEMENTo ,

                                wowwwwwwwwwwww!!! very nice^^
                                this proyect is very interesting…yes yes yes!!!
                                thanks 🙂

                                • reply Sandra ,

                                  Thanks Cynthia for the free tutorial . Also to Bette Jo to give us her talent with Polymer.

                                  • reply Svitlana ,

                                    nice patterns for borders. I promised me so many times to make the borders interesting but I failed all the time. But now, having seen these great creations I don´t have any choice 🙂 Thank you Cynthia for sharing Bette´s tutorials and for being so hard-working. That´s so great that you find time for posting the beauty.

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