Polymer MindMancers

Meredith Dittmar includes 32 sculpts and 7 wall pieces in this latest set of MindMancers for a June exhibit. The other set shown below is part of her Agents of the Mystery for the same show.

This Portland, Oregon, artist studied computer science and moved into a successful career in digital design leaving all that behind to focus on creating what she once called her psychepolymereganic tableaux and installations. She’s made thousands of her “guys” which are rapidly snatched up by collectors.

You might think that with her young twin boys she’d be slowing down. But her Facebook page shows the opposite. The pictures of her studio are a total treat. Last year she had a major show in Mexico City.

“I discovered polymer clay in ’93 when I worked at a bead store. Not too much was being done with the material at that time as it was pretty new to the market. I wouldn’t say the clay is difficult to work with, it’s just very deep and can be very technical to get certain effects. You can get pretty crazy with it if you want. Really I think I’m not even using one tenth of the knowledge base out there,” she says.

  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    Isn’t the EXPLOSION of polymer exciting?!?! These are craziwonderful!

    • reply Kayleigh ,

      I love these sculptures! So full of character and the colour palette is perfect 🙂

      • reply Marian Hertzog ,

        Wow! That is some amazing work. Refreshing to see something totally different. Love the studio pics too.

        • reply Dorothée ,

          I’ve been in love with her creatures since the first sight ! Thank you for this article !

          • reply Meisha ,

            Meredith’s use of Complimentary colors with gradations of hue and value are amazingly sophisticated. Her compositions are wonderfully imaginative and her characters are fun. In looking at her studio, I can see a very analytical approach, which is apparent in her finished creations. Really quite accomplished. Well done.

            • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

              Wow! So impressive everything! Meredith’s work just pulls you in and leaves you mesmerized!

              • reply carissa ,

                I love the attitude of her creations. They have a look all their own. In fact I’m sure that when we aren’t looking they jump down off the desk and party!

                • reply Fata Bislacca (Cathy) ,

                  Cute and funny! Beautiful creations! Cathy

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