You may have seen Heather Campbell’s The Eyes Have It on the cover of the recent PolymerArts magazine. What you might not understand is the size of Heather’s pieces. The photo below shows the same piece as it was hung at a gallery opening.

We get so used to the scale of earrings and pendants that we forget that some artists work in a much larger format.

Heather calls the style of her lush mixed media assemblages Bohemian Nouveau. The piece at the left, Enlightenment, will be at Utah’s Springville Art Museum through July.

  • reply tejae ,

    Wow! That is one beautiful piece. I’d love to see it in person. Heather does amazing work!

    • reply carissa ,

      Heather’s work is jawdropping and totally inspiring to those of us who suffer from: Just one more crystal there….and there….and there….LOL

      • reply Debbie Crothers ,

        Absolutely incredible. How awesome to see the two together so you can get an idea of the size of the piece – again, incredible.

        • reply Judy ,

          I love Heather’s work! You can look and look and look even deeper and see the richness of her imagination and depth of her talent. Always thrilled when she is recognized!!! Congrats, Heather!

          • reply Sandra ,

            I will try to buy the polymer clay art magazine. Thanks Cynthia for give us information about art work with polymer clay.

            • reply Heather Campbell ,

              Thank you Cynthia for the spotlight on my work and for all the generous comments that have been posted. It’s so gratifying to share art, beauty, and the creative spirit with so many who share this passion.

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