Soutache is a skinny flat decorative braid that is usually used as drapery trim or on military uniforms but lately it’s been showing up in jewelry. Polymer faux soutache turns up on the FaceBook page of Italy’s Olimpia Corvino in some interesting shapes.

Fans of polymer extruding will love trying this new twist. The link was sent in by Ronna Weltman.

Summertime studio time

My studio time has dwindled and my head is full of ideas. My fingers are itching to do something other than type. I’ll be cutting out a couple of days of PCDaily posts each week to get reacquainted with polymer.

There’s plenty here to explore. Just enter your desire into the search box in the right column and you’ll be surprised at what you find. Of course there are delightful videos and inside tips on StudioMojo every weekend for those who want to take our relationship to the next level.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    A nice new twist! Very pretty!

    Cynthia… Your summer slow down is looong overdue, imo. For ages now, you have cranked out polymer news and information that has inspired all of us. Brava, Cynthia, for taking time off for your own work. If your work-a-holic “should”-self gets in the way, tell her that you are leading by example. 😉

    For anyone who thinks they may go into PCDaily withdrawal, I urge you to consider signing up for StudioMojo. Every weekend I get a great espresso shot of inspiration and information in the jam-packed email newsletter that Cynthia pulls together. Well worth the investment!

    • reply Amy Wallace ,

      I agree with Melanie….take some time off the computer and immerse yourself in your creative santucary!

      What blows my mind about the above pieces is how symmetrical they are, not only in shape but the placement of color and other details. If I tried it, there would no doubt be a dent somewhere, noticed only AFTER it’s baked!

      • reply Trina Williams ,

        A well deserved change of pace. Remember to take work breaks, move around and watch your posture. Don’t go from sitting at the computer to sitting at the work bench. Happy creating!

        • reply louise Fischer Cozzi ,

          I love the Soutache!
          And if you want to create, just do it!

          • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

            Good for you…. it is so easy for other ‘stuff’ in life to get in our way. Thank you for my PC daily I look forward to it… so let the creative juices flow.

            • reply Maggie Maggio ,

              Go for it! A summer break is a great idea! Can’t wait to see what comes out of your studio as a result. Who knows – maybe we will all get more work done in our own studios too!

              • reply Selma ,


                • reply Priscilla ,

                  What timing. My sister-in-law writes a blog and posted today about how setting aside “me-time” allowed her to discover that she is a creative person. We’ll have to deal with our withdrawal so you can recharge your batteries. Enjoy your “me-time.”

                  • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

                    Enjoy that me-me-me-polymer time.

                    • reply Iris mishly ,

                      Totally relate, cyber research is taking a looooot of precious creative time 🙂
                      Have fun (and sun) all together!

                      • reply m rosselot ,

                        Just wanted to say thanks, I will miss the daily inspiration, but Thank you for ALL the time you have given total strangers. Happy creating. Monique

                        • reply sandra ,

                          Olimpia Corvino is a talent lady I like the different shapes and colors.

                          • reply sandra ,

                            Cynthia I’m happy because I’m going to see some artists in StudioMojo. Thanks

                            • reply The Polymer Arts Blog » Outside Inspiration: Soutache in the Extreme ,

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