Southwest mysteries

The southwest influence is clear in these mixed media art dolls from Albuquerque artists Mary and Doug. I wish I could tell you more. We’ll have to wait for information to seep in through the back channels. Susan Lomuto pinned the link on her board first.

The doll bodies are made of various fabrics with stylized and painted polymer heads. They stand 15″ tall. There’s a whole Etsy gallery of interesting designs!

More mystery

If your first efforts in polymer are discouraging, you may want to click on the photo below to see who started out making basic beginner beads just like everyone else. His beads have improved considerably. See what happens when you keep trying?

  • reply Trina Williams ,

    Thanks for showing Dan’s early beads. Even when Dotty McMillan and I took a class from him 14 years ago his precision was mind boggling. It’s like Ray Bradbury told me many years ago, “If you want to be a writer, start now, so you can get all the bad stuff out of the way.” I think we all have pieces in our collection that will never see the light of day but remind us of where we have been.

    • reply Jainnie Jenkins ,

      Those mixed media dolls are fantastic. I also enjoyed seeing Dan’s beginning efforts. It makes me want to pull out my early pieces and appreciate all I have learned since then.

      • reply Debbie Crothers ,

        What incredible art dolls. I love the “quirkiness” of them…..and isn’t it great to keep some of our early work. I’ve got some polymer clay pendants I made years ago that I thought were the coolest thing I’d ever seen – oh my gosh – they frighten me now!!!!! lol

        • reply Kayleigh ,

          These are brilliant! Want one 😀

          • reply Sandra ,

            fantastic dolls I like the color their personality and the fine work. Thank you
            Cynthia for guide us how to work with clay.

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