Doesn’t this necklace from Cecilia Botton look charmingly simple? A no-brainer!

Extruded square black tubes of polymer are interspersed with shorter sections of tube that have been embellished with simple flower cane slices. The colorful slices pop out against the black background.

Cecilia is French and works in Hong Kong. As a fabric buyer she has lots of experience with what does and doesn’t work in patterns. Her web sites are a riot of experiments and playing with patterns in ways that catch the eye. See what she’s done with the Stroppel cane. When she’s not traveling, Cecilia gets up early to fit in some polymer work before she begins her job and it’s easiest to track her work on Flickr.

Giving myself a long weekend! See you here on Monday.

  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    Quel joli collier, Cecilia! Je l’aime!

    • reply Mary Fassler ,

      I love her sense of design, color, and unusual mix of shapes.
      She really is an inspiring artist.
      And she’s a Pinterest favorite.

      • reply Selma ,


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