James real textures

Victoria James‘ texture sheets are a favorite of mine because most of them replicate stone, wood, plants and other real textures. It’s helpful that for most of her designs she shows polymer examples. This one caught my eye. The pattern comes from her shingle cracked growth ring texture sheet.

Victoria explains that, “PearlEx was lightly rubbed on the out-y part of a silicon texture sheet and the clay was impressed. This textures the clay and transfers the mica powder at the same time. Next PearlEx was rubbed directly onto the out-y part of the clay surface. The clay was then rolled flat.”┬áSuper easy mokume gane!

  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    Cool idea! I love learning new techiques. Thanks for sharing.

    • reply Kit Lockwood ,

      Wow. I saw that image come up on Pinterest with “shingle cracked growth ring” and hesitated to think it was polymer. Great!

      • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

        Yay Victoria! You rock girlfriend. Love my texture stamps I got from you.
        You are uber talented.

        • reply Amy Wallace ,

          I’ve never heard “out-y” used for more than belly buttons. Great idea!

          • reply Barbara Briggs ,

            Very clever idea!

            • reply Victoria James ,

              Thanks so much! This is fun technique. Give it a try, email me with any questions.
              Victoria James

              • reply sandra ,

                The real texture by Victoria James is beautiful technique. Thanks I will buy your tutorial.

                • reply Meisha ,

                  Beautiful. Very sophisticated effect. Love colors too.

                  • reply Maureen Thomas ,

                    I use these texture sheets all the time. I always have one or two out on my worktable just for masking fingerprints, touching up the edges of pieces, etc. Indestructable and no release needed.

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