Viral polymer extrusions

Bettina Welker’s clever extruded cane that was featured last week has gone viral already. Some of the most imaginative versions of Bettina’s tutorial showed up on the blog of tmariefrance (Marie France Tournat).

Marie used Bettina’s multi-colored extruded cane as a launch point for other experiments that you can browse through on her site and shop.

If you’ve never extruded before, this cane can give you instant success. Let me know if you come up with your own interesting versions. I’m going to have to try this too. You can use the off-cuts and leftovers for that other viral tutorial, the Stroppel cane.

  • reply Meisha ,

    I think the spiraling of the extruded cane is brilliant. Very cool.

    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

      They’re just fabulous, it’s so much fun to watch what happens with shared ideas. Thank for pointing us to tmarie’s work. And thanks for the link……:)

      • reply Sandrecreation ,

        Félicitations Marie-France, c’est génial. Les pendentifs sont superbes.

        • reply Delphine ,

          Un grand bravo à toi Marie-France!! Tes explorations polymériques sont toujours une réussite!!!

          • reply Monique U ,

            This talented artist does indeed sign her blog entries “Marie-France”. It’s wonderful to see her work here, Cynthia!

            • reply Barbara Poland-Waters ,

              Those are gorgeous. I love the contrast of the black and white with the rainbow colors.

              • reply polymeramoi ,

                c’est un immense honneur pour moi de voir mes pendentifs spirales ici. Je suis émue. un grand merci à vous

                • reply Louise ,

                  • reply WKY ,

                    Bravo Marie France !
                    C’est une superbe interprétation de la cane de Bettina Welker.

                    • reply maerys ,

                      quel joli hommage à Marie-France, je suis absolument fan de ses créations

                      • reply Renata ,

                        Lovely work! I must say that Bettina’s tutorial was love on the first sight 🙂

                        • reply Ivy ,

                          Bravo Marie-France, tu nous a éblouies comme toujours 😉

                          • reply josie ,

                            Je te l’ai déjà dit que c’est superbe….mais, ça ne me gène pas de me répéter ici. Te voila une vedette INTERNATIONALE !!!!!BRAVO Marie-France.

                            • reply Sandra ,

                              I like Maries’ work I n a future I will like to buy some of her tutorial classes.

                              • reply Selma ,

                                I love it!

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