Clearly a polymer mystery

We start the week with a head-scratcher from Katrin Neumaier. How does she form her glass-like Firefly earrings? In the comments (in German) on her Flickr page she reveals that liquid Fimo is involved. She certainly starts our week with a mystery.

You may recall that we featured Katrin’s glass-like earrings on PCD back in February. The early ones were made using Pardo translucent polymer clay. Obviously, she wasn’t satisfied and kept experimenting to achieve an even clearer form.

I see some teaching in Katrin’s future, don’t you?

  • reply Bettina ,

    a real head scratcher – very true. I was looking to this picture last week for a long time trying to figure it out. I have some ideas but clearly I’m not sure any of my takes would work. I guess she won’t reveal the secret too soon – well, if I was her, I wouldn’t – at least not yet;) Some things just need to remain mysteries:)
    Great work Katrin – you really deserve this feature!

    • reply Liz Hall ,

      Those are extremely cool!

      • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

        I want to touch them.

        • reply Nevenka Sab ,

          Just amazing!

          • reply Ronalyn Hurley ,

            Amazing! They really do look like glass. I agree, she should keep her technique private for now. I’m impressed by her creativity.

            • reply Anita Brandon ,

              Beautiful, innovative and inspiring. There always seem to be creative people who push the boundaries of what is possible with polymer and she is certainly one.

              • reply Meisha ,

                Yes. I’m amazed at the endless possibilities of Polymer Clay, and the transparent clays have certainly come a long way. Well done indeed Katrin. Just lovely.

              • reply Evelien ,

                I so need to know how Katrin did this but I will completely understand if she wants to hang on to her knowledge for a bit. But just think what this technique like the Skinner blend could do for the whole community. And Judith Skinner is one of the most respected Polymer clay artists around!

                Please Katrin make a DVD for us and I will gladly spend the money to learn

                • reply Jackie kohn ,

                  I don’t blame someone for keeping a new technique to themselves. But, one of the best thing about the poly clay community is how they share. I love that when shown something new their brains go into overdrive and ideas pop up like weeds. The stroppel cane and pixelated reto cane are resent examples. If I invented a new technique I’d be chopping at the bit to get it out there and see where everyone went with it….but I also understand the need to keep it to yourself.

                  • reply Irmgard-Lydia ,

                    Also for me a big secret how Katrin these transparent smart objects forms. Wonderfully and unique how she from polymer clay such beauties create. She is one of the really gifted and creative people.

                    • reply Michele Norine ,

                      Beautiful and very mysterious! Love your work Katrin.

                      • reply suzanne ,

                        breath taking!!!

                        • reply Selma ,

                          ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! BREATH TAKING!!! <3

                          • reply Ivy ,

                            Quelle transparence ! Je suis bluffée !

                            • reply Sandra ,

                              Love the colors the transparency of the clay the shape.

                              • reply Richelle ,

                                WOW! I’ve experimented a bit making hollow beads using altered packing peanuts (the type that dissolve in water) as forms under clay, but I’ve never used the pardo transparent or the Fimo liquid. I wonder how the Fimo liquid compares to the Sculpey liquid? I can’t imagine a sturdy final bead made from just the Sculpey liquid.

                                These have such a “lampwork” vibe. I wonder if they’re made with the liquid Fimo applied over dissolveable forms and cured over an open heat source (held and turned to control the clay, somewhat like lampworking?)

                                If that’s not even close to how she creates these, maybe that idea would work after all! I want to try!

                                • reply Veronica Jeong ,

                                  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!
                                  THANK YOU,KATRIN AND CYNTHIA.

                                  • reply Grace ,

                                    These works are really tiny sculptures – Katrin integrates her wires with each form so well. Of course I would like to know the “secret”, but would love to have a pair of her earrings for myself. Please encourage her to open an ETSY shop or sell online.

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