A polymer rabbit that teaches

This 3-inch lop bunny from Oregon’s Sophie Skein is sculpted from white polymer blended with iridescent glitter.

Her explanation may ring true for you today as she says, “Rabbits are gentle, shy and fearful. Rabbits have taught me how to be gentle with myself when I am afraid. People tend to dislike the fearful parts of themselves and others, but almost everyone likes rabbits. It helps me to remember that we can have the same compassion for our fearful selves that we naturally do for rabbits.”

Perhaps this group of groundhogs is more to your liking. It’s easy to find some critter in Sophie’s Menagerie of Inscrutable Magic that will lift your spirits. She grew up next to her family’s vet clinic which gave her a special understanding of small orphaned animals that comes through in her polymer creations.

  • reply Ariane ,

    One of my rabbits used to eat its own young and the other one used to attack anything that came to close to it’s food and left deep marks, so I am not so sure about the stereotype gentle rabbit. But I love Sophie’s work nonetheless. Her characters look very beautiful!

    • reply Karen Woods ,

      Arlene, are you sure those were rabbits? Maybe the pet store sold you coyotes and told you they were rabbits. They are all so cute when they are little! *S*

    • reply Karen Woods ,

      small orphaned animals…. ok… now you are making me cry! *S*…..

      so little clay can make such a large impression….


      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        Karen – Don’t cry, don’t cry…not again. You’re such a softie.

      • reply Marlene Brady ,

        She creates character and expression in simple lines. Beautiful. I really enjoyed her Flickr site and the photos of her studio. Creativity on every shelf, windowsill and tabletop.

        • reply Sandra ,

          Great art !

          • reply Cindy ,

            Love these critters! The rabbit was soooo cute! Thanks so much for posting these 🙂

            • reply Sofie ,

              Thank you so much for featuring my work here. It is an honor and a wonderful surprise to discover!

              • reply Sandra D. ,

                Love the bunny it looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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