Israel’s Yonat Dascalu brings us these sunny canes that look like crisp sun dress fabrics. What an inspiration it is to examine neat colorful canes that work. See more on her Flickr and Etsy sites.

If you’ve been eyeing the latest dyes and patinas from Swellegant, look at Heather Powers’ examples, ¬†color formulas¬†and step-by-step how-tos for this new line. The effects are stunning and require some patience and persistence. Heather is sold on the product and her instructions may help if you’re considering them.

Careful, Heather’s sites are full of new beads and pretty things that may keep you online longer than you intended.

  • reply Selma ,

    So beautiful colors! <3 Great work.

    • reply suzanne ,

      wonderful! and such happy, summery colors!

      • reply Sandra ,

        The Sunny canes are beautiful there shapes the style Oh! good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • reply isa07 ,

          So beautiful !

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