Digging up more artifacts

We can’t talk about artifacts without including Tory Hughes in the conversation.

Check out some of her Trebizond works and read about her class that teaches students to make a vessel of polymer amber with inlays from other simulated materials – a talisman for your own myths. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Santa Fe area, be sure to visit her during her upcoming Studio Shindigs.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    My very first workshop was with Tory Hughes — she was wonderful then and undoubtedly still is now!

    • reply Marivi ,

      I love Tory’a artefacts, the remember me wonderful ancient toys!

      • reply Wendy Moore ,

        I’m trying not to feel too envious about those who can attend these wondrous classes! And the shindig! Sounds like a joy. Have fun all who go. Wendy

        • reply carissa ,

          We were very fortunate to have Tory come teach a class with the Columbus Guild. I had all off her books and tapes and it was like meeting a piece of living history. She is a fantastic teacher and I hope we can have her back again someday.

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