Back to school this fall

Your online presence is your showcase, your gallery! Pay attention to it. Polymer artists can tell you how enthusiastically I will jump on my soapbox to rant about this subject.

Fellow blogger Susan Lomuto (DailyArtMuse) nags artists too and she offers you an easy solution with her DIY Artist Websites, an online class about how to construct and maintain your own web portfolio.

All you have to do is to look at the spectacular sites of polymer artists Rachel Gourley, Sabine Speisser, and Tory Hughes, all Susan’s students, to see how helpful the class can be.

I’ve taken Susan’s classes and I can tell you that they are jam-packed with surprising resources and time-saving tips. She’s a superb researcher and a terrific teacher.¬†Class starts September 7. Sign up now!

  • reply doreen kassel ,

    Susan is such a finder and supporter of good work and she’s talented in so many ways. She’s a wonderful and patient teacher, what beautiful sites she’s guided these talented artists to create!

    • reply Susan Lomuto ,

      Thanks so much Cynthia! You are sending so much traffic to the website that the server went a bit wonky. My hosting site is working on it as I write. Many thanks to the folks who wrote to let me know. I’m taking the advice I give my students when they hit a bump: “Breathe. Deeply. Just breathe.”

      • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

        wow, thanks for the plug! I really loved the course and am so thrilled to have a website I can easily update . Susan is such a generous and approchable teacher – she makes it all look so easy.

        • reply Janet pitcher ,

          I think I may need to do this! On my way over!

          • reply Rachel Gourley ,

            dear Cynthia, Two mentions in 2 days!
            I really enjoyed Susan’s course. She is a great teacher.
            When my family heard that I was making my own website they laughed at the idea.
            I am really proud of it.

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