“Borrowing from the familiar forms of fungus, lichen, and mold, I invent and sculpt fictional organisms that graft onto manufactured domestic objects and infest the nooks and crannies of architectural spaces. Challenging notions of synthetic and organic, real and imagined, these sculptures and installations allude that through the passage of time these spaces and objects will become overtaken,” says Texan Jasmyne Grabill of her mixed media sculptures which rely heavily on polymer for their organic appeal.

Jasmyne’s works were featured in the luscious August/September issue of American Craft. In an article called Fungus Among Us, Monica Moses tracks this visual theme and finds fungus-themed works in metal, paper, fiber and food.

As I read the article my mind automatically started listing other examples of this trend that you may already know. Let’s see: Melanie West, Rachel Gourley, Kim Cavender, Ronna Weltman, Laura Tabakman, Wendy Malinow, Kathleen Dustin, Angelika Arendt, Jillian Moore. And that’s just for starters!

Send me your candidates and I’ll compile a list to send to the editor. ACC should know what we’ve been growing in the PCDaily laboratory.

  • reply Tara ,

    Amazing! It never seizes to amaze me the talent people have when it comes to this medium. I’m glad I found this site 🙂

    • reply Annie Pennington ,

      Gorgeous installations! Thanks for featuring her work. I’m very attracted to her work, yet repulsed at the same time. I want to reach out and touch them, but I also want to jerk my hand away in disgust. She successfully melds two intense reactions, and I love it!

      • reply Sandra ,

        amazing work! I do not know what will be next. probably Polymer Clay will go to make history to another world.

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