Fajardo cut and replace

“Remember Jerry Seinfeld and his black and white cookie? That episode popped into my mind when saving this image,” says Albuquerque’s Barb Fajardo. Named Can’t We All Just Get Along? or One Big Happy Family (take your pick) this new design is part of Barb’s push to develop techniques and class materials for next year.

Check out the color versions here. Barb has perfected her cut and replace technique, adding new twists that guarantee good workshops. Here’s her Facebook link, her blog and her CraftArtEdu page.

  • reply artybecca ,

    Barb, love the new beads!

    • reply Selma ,

      Wonderful! I love the black and white contrast. Great work! 🙂

      • reply Janet Paul ,

        Barb, I love this necklace. Great Job. If you ever do a little class on this I would be interested. Love the black and white and the colored ones.

        • reply Pati Bannister ,


          • reply Norma ,

            Gorgeous beads and I also love the ones with color.

            • reply Anita Brandon ,

              Been big fan of Barb’s work for years. Always something new, innovative and way cool coming from her talented hands and creative mind. Love the new Black and Whites!

              • reply Sherri Kellberg ,

                Congrats Barb! Love these innovative, cutwork beads. Also, really like the colorful Cracklin Goodness necklaces.

                • reply Barb Fajardo ,

                  Thank you so much for the feature dear Cynthia!

                  My first clue was the number of emails in my inbox this morning was triple what it usually is…not to mention web hits, blog hits and flickr hits :o)

                  You are a powerhouse in the polymer community and we all owe so much to you! Thank you everyone, I appreciate the kind words and “likes!” xoxoxox

                  • reply Barb Fajardo ,

                    my smiley faces always come out wrong…let’s try this 🙂

                  • reply isabelle ,

                    very nice !!!!!!!!!I wish I could make those on the dress of my figurines

                    • reply Sandra D. ,

                      I like the beads black and white and their designs.

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