Spirals or circles?

The Austrian coils or the Swiss circles? I couldn’t decide which ones to feature so you can choose for yourself. The designs are each made from extruded polymer but with entirely different approaches.

The coils are from Austria’s Eva Ehmeier (she’s the model). Graduated colors are extruded (or rolled) into thin strands which are curled and built right on the earwires. Choose your favorite among the neon colors here. Eva developed this design when she allowed herself some playtime in the studio.

E. Mischler from Switzerland gives a monochromatic twist to Bettina Welker’s retro cane that creates a snakeskin or mosaic look. Smooth lentil beads are suspended below coordinated solid color beads. This artist/pharmacist admits that clay has been her addiction since 2007 when she discovered that polymer brought balance to her life.

  • reply Susan ,

    I would love to know how to extrude a gradient. I’ve tried and tried but cant seem to pull it off. 🙂

    My vote: retro cane earring. I love cane everytime I see it.

    • reply Karin ,

      I can’t get that gradient to extrude either….I saw these earrings last week and tried my hand at them. The clay came out as usual one color inside of the other, so I made a bunch of knicks in the clay to bring out the second color. They weren’t as neat and perfect as I would have liked, but I wore them to work and they were quite a topic of conversation. With a bit of practice, these earrings are super easy to make!

    • reply Nevenka Sab ,

      Eva Ehmeier is super-cool and so are her earrings 🙂

      • reply Conny ,

        Wonderful earrings – each pair in its own way!

        • reply Sandra ,

          The coils earrings are great for summer parties Love it.

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