Summer polymer report

Genevieve Williamson’s latest blog posts read like a charming and fun-filled “What I did with my summer” report for the start of school. She includes sea glass, shells and rock souvenirs from the beach. Check out her Buoy Necklace inspired by a family vacation.

Williamson deep carving

Genevieve’s muse is calling for more carving, more distressing and she’s itching to get back into the studio. The surfaces on these Fragment Drop earrings on Etsy have gotten smaller and more interesting. It’ll be a busy fall for JibbyandJuna that you can follow here.

  • reply Anke Humpert ,

    I love Genevieve`s work!!! Thank you for the reminder and the feature…;-))

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Cynthia… awesome! I cannot wait to try it.

      • reply Monique U ,

        Genevieve has a unique and insightful approach to her carving. Her blog is a joy to read!

        • reply Sandra ,

          Her design is unique and color combination .

          • reply marivi ,

            Thank you, it’s so a great pleasure to come back to JibbyandJuna’s blog!!!

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