Pederson animals

Danielle Pedersen makes itty-bitty hand-painted animal jewelry and decor out of polymer clay in a little studio in San Diego, California. Her pocket totem creatures are sold through her HandyMaiden Etsy shop.

Badger of Honor

“My process generally begins by looking at a lot of photographs of the animal I wish to make. I ponder the expression of a smug seal or the daily schedule of a lemur; I learn their general structure, their coloring, and maybe guess at a few of their hobbies,” Danielle says in a recent feature on Etsy blog.

“I think my style is what sets me apart; my pieces are recognizable. Most successful Etsy sellers can say the same thing,” she added, “I like the notion that my work is being picked up, worn, and examined closely.” Danielle’s medals like the Badger of Honor shown here are particularly quirky and fun. Thanks to Genevieve Williamson for the link.

  • reply Loretta ,

    Stop the presses!!! These are darling. Every time I think i’ve picked out my favorite, I look at the next close-up and fall in love all over again. Wonderful work, Danielle.

    • reply Briana ,

      Awesome! I have several of Danielle’s little animals that she custom made for me. They are the sweetest, most amazing little things ever! Highly recommend her shop 🙂

      • reply Meisha ,

        There is a sweet sensitivity in these animals. You have a unique voice Danielle.

        • reply Monique U ,

          Danielle, these make me want to be a kid again so I can play with these astonishing little treasures!

          • reply Sandra ,

            Danielle I love your miniature animals there are amazing beautiful. Thank Cynthia for make me grin today.

            • reply Luann Udell ,

              These are so sweet! Playful and colorful, yet capturing the animal essence of each little critter. Delightful animal totems for a modern world.

              • reply Silvana Bates ,

                Love them! They are adorable.

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