Cortney Rector and Kirsten Arundt are twin sisters who have always enjoyed creating art together. Their folk art polymer cake toppers, sculptures and ornaments are sold through their IndigoTwin Etsy shop and their trendy work has appeared in magazines like Prims, Parenting and Brides. The twins have always enjoyed creating art together and continue to give each other inspiration.

This mermaid, Ondine, appeared in the summer issue of Prims. The sisters love the ocean and as children daydreamed about being mermaids. Read their stories and check out their Facebook page. It’ll make you wish you had a twin.

  • reply doreen kassel ,

    They are wonderful, I’ve loved their work for a long time! Their kind and playful nature shows in everything they do.

    • reply wendy wallin malinow ,

      I love IndigoTwin, we are in each other’s etsy circles, etc. However, not to nitpick, but I believe that the majority, if not all of their work is actually paper clay, not polymer clay. Their work is really great, but I don’t think it’s made of polymer.

      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        The mermaid says “polymer over foil” in the magazine text. I try to be pretty careful not to get mixed up with the paperclay crowd but sometimes it happens. Thanks for making me look twice.

        • reply Cortney ,

          Thanks so much for featuring us! What a surprise to find ourselves here! To clear things up,most of our recent pieces(last two years), are made from polymer clay. We still use paper clay on occasion but the majority is from polymer. we love both materials!

          • reply Wendy ,

            Oops, I guess I was thinking about their Etsy shop….

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