Winnie Poh comes to us from Moscow (I think). These clever folded beads are cutout and stamped stars whose points are folded up on themselves.

Her site is chock full of ideas that are well executed with a very Russian feel. Hair ornaments and smoothly finished hollow pendants are mixed with video game and cartoon figures.

Let’s hope there’s a Russian translator among you who can fill in the blanks about this young artist.

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    This item is very interesting!

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        If you add Google’s Chrome web browser to your computer it will translate the web page for you (just copy the web address into the Chrome browser. It will ask you if yo want to translate, say yes. Alternatively you can use Google’s Translate choice in the drop down menu of Google’s search engine. It’s not a perfect translation but does a pretty good job.

        Here is how it translates her writings about the pictures that follow:
        “This – barrette. I called her a “chameleon eye.” Made specifically to bundle it fits, but just to stab her hair looked fine. That is, that’s what I’m saying … very strange look!
        This is my favorite photo with red ears. Well, side view. Oh, oh, how I love this rough, unsightly, zapatinirovannuyu to black copper! And this is the third (and, horror of horrors – not the last) character from “Adventure time”. At this time – Jake. Jake – a magical dog, change shape at will. I stretched it, my dear, how dear! original for clarity – here he brazenly and paunchy. Who did not see, I did another Finn and bimodule . So what else I have … Here, beads are – the fruit of my painful attempts to squeeze something sensible from star-cutters. too weird. Actually to simulate ceramic on them all the same my favorite stained glass paint, which gives shine like a glaze. But here it is not visible. So I suggest to take my word for it.”

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          Cynthia, you are in a maritime mood–first the sea urchin spines and now these—they definitely evoke some sort of sea creature, and I love them. Always a new idea somewhere that can be translated into polymere.

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            She is not from Moscow but from a place called Sergijev Posad a bit north of Moscow but it is in the Moscow region.
            She loves working with her hands, the, the smell of paint, coloured glass, strange music amongst others.
            Hope it “helps”.
            Russia has many great crafters.

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              Thanks Cynthia you always is helping your readers to understand better your ideas.

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                Wow, isn’t that something! I love the technique used for that necklace. Really remarkable! It looks so… can I say it….exotic. Like @rmkdesign wrote, it does indeed also have a ‘oceanic’ feel to it! So pretty!


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