Lynda Moseley’s Faux Sea Urchin Spines were inspired by a necklace in Heather Powers‘ new book, Jewelry Designs from Nature during a weekend of experimentation as Lynda cleaned out her inspiration box.

She found a sticky note on page 82 in her copy of the book. “Find some of these,” it said. “I had never seen the spines in olive, and Heather’s are also a lot bigger than the ones I have,” Lynda explains. She made a new batch in polymer.

Lynda’s experimenting is often fruitful as you can see from her Etsy shop. On her blog she explains other designs she’s dug out of her inspiration box.


  • reply Lynda Moseley ,

    I commented on your FB post, Cynthia, but wanted to thank you again for featuring the new sea urchin spines. I am learning that the bottom of the sea offers a lot of inspiration and opportunity to experiment!

    You are the best polymer ambassador we have, and I truly am honored to be seen here at PCD. Thank you so much!

    • reply Pippa ,

      These are stunning!! But then, Lynda’s work always is. Fantastic to see her work featured here again. She is such an inspiration.

      • reply genevieve ,

        These are fantastic!

        • reply Loretta ,

          Wowee Zowee Linda!!!! You know what a fan I am of your faux-ish beads and these are spectacular! In the universe where I would be queen you would be the Secretary General in charge of Faux! 😉
          love these…

          • reply UnaOdd ,

            These are so lovely! I am a big fan of rustic and irregular. Wonderful effect.

            • reply Lynda Moseley ,

              Thank you very much, ladies. I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words; and Loretta, I would be your Secretary General of Faux any time!

              • reply Jay ,

                This is just one example of the great work Lynda does. Her site shows the wide range of her techniques. Better yet, she offers tutorials which makes it possible for others to create beautiful items using these techniques. Since these are her own techniques, her tutorials are easy to follow and understand. They are also unique in comparison to the standard copycat tutorials you see everywhere. I have four of her tutorials and they have more than paid for themselves. The compliments I get on the gifts I make are priceless. I always tell where I learned how to make the items. Hope to see more tutorials soon.
                I’m glad to see Lynda deservingly featured on PCD and agree about Cynthia being the best pc ambassador.
                Great work Lynda,

                • reply Urban urchins | Polymer Clay Daily ,

                  […] Montreal’s Vickie Turner makes Urban Urchins that are hollow and graffiti-covered whereas Lynda Moseley’s from last week were the green sea variety. What is it with […]

                  • reply Meisha ,

                    Wow, this surface design is beautiful. So natural…really quite amazing.

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