Going around in circles

Midweek is the perfect time to be going around in circles. Vienna’s Izabela Nowak shows us how with her bright Planemo spiral up bangle. Thin strips of layered colors are wound around and around into tall cones, each topped with a silver bead. Here the cones are applied to a plain polymer bangle base to create a spiky bangle.

Izabela has been experimenting with acorn-shaped beads, rings and clusters that you can study on her Flickr site. She’s the queen of spirals!

  • reply Anke Humpert ,

    …. yeahhh!!! Love Izabela´s work and this one is stunning!!!

    • reply Bettina ,

      Izabela’s work is soooo beautiful. I definitely need one of her pieces for my collection. So far she didn’t let go of the piece I had my eye on. Maybe tomorrow – I’ll see her in Nürnberg;)

      • reply Liz ,

        Is there a tutorial for this somewhere? I’d love to know how she forms the spirals!

        • reply Maria Petkova ,

          Agree,she’s the queen of spirals!Congrats,Izabela,amazing creative work as always!

          • reply Meisha ,

            LOVE IT!!!! It’s just plain FUN!

            • reply suzanne ,

              wonderful! beautiful! awesome!

              • reply Lynn Lunger ,

                Such a beautiful and fun technique!

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