It’s not easy to create polymer skulls with style but two chic versions caught my eye. Richelle Hawks of Shipwreckdandy definitely has a pirate’s eye for treasure.

These stamped and painted beads could be mixed with some jewels to make a darkly fashionable piece. Here she is on Etsy. “I also sell used and rare books and write articles and essays about esoteric, occult, and cultural topics at various online venues,” she explains.

Lynn Lunger usually steers clear of themed beads but she makes an exception for skulls. “I like to use a minimum of manipulation, preferring to quickly provide just enough detail to – although odd with this subject matter – bring the face to life,” she says. She also makes head pendants and admits that heads and skulls appeal year round. Here’s her Etsy site.

  • reply Sandra D. ,

    Yes< I love my skulls. I Did some and sold them few years ago.

    • reply Richelle ,

      Thanks for featuring my skull beads!

      • reply Lynn Lunger ,

        Wow! I missed this completely! I’m in the middle of a major studio clean-out/purge and haven’t been online much for the last few days. I just saw a comment over on Flickr and was quite surprised.

        Thank you, Cynthia!

        Richelle, your beads are wonderful! I love the texture and the way the skulls subtly emerge.

        • reply Sandra D. ,

          delightful skulls and the color is great.

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