Seth Savarick introduced these new bangles on his Facebook page along with a couple of brooches.

While everyone else is gushing in their comments, Seth remains silent and mysterious about his latest creations. Way to keep us on our toes, Seth. What gives? There’s a cool retro look to these bangles, don’t you agree?

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  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    Seth’s work is always so clean and well considered. And yes, this is vey Jetsons.

    • reply jana ,

      He’s done it again….bravo to one of the best and brightest in the pc community..

      • reply Rhet ,

        • reply Seth L Savarick ,

          Hi Cynthia,
          Thanks for the spot on PCD. Yes, my new work is inspired by the Mid Centery asthetic. The Modern Primitive Braclets, as I call them, are part of a series. They are what I call Semi Hollow constructed. Very light and very strong. I;ll be talking about it all at Synergy3 Looking forward to seeing you there.

          • reply Meisha ,

            Look forward to seeing Seth at Synergy. These bracelets are…. to use a mid-century modern term “FAB”. I love them. They are beautifully executed. Well done Seth.

            • reply genevieve ,

              Love the shapes!

              • reply Lynn Lunger ,

                Gorgeous! Everything! They remind me of formica/boomerang from the ’50s? In a good way!

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