We end the week with a big juicy kiss from Kathleen Dustin. It’s one of her signature polymer evening bags, of course.

Two of Kathleen’s purses were donated for an exhibit at Amsterdam’s Museum of Bags and Purses and will be part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Technical Note

Did you know that the folks at Sculpey changed the name of Premo Frost to White Translucent? (I had it turned around earlier…oops.) Frost and White Translucent are the same.

Iris Weiss from Polyform clarifies the situation explaining that, “We had to rename the two ounce bars for the larger craft stores because consumers didn’t understand what Frost was.” Thanks to Ronna Sarvas Weltman for bringing the switch to our attention.

  • reply Selma ,

    So, so, so beautiful!

    • reply Sandra D. ,

      Romantic lips

      • reply Sandra D. ,

        sexy lips I like the color.

        • reply Margarita ,

          I guess Premo Frost is with glitter, isn’t?

          • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

            Nope, frost is white translucent. No pearl, no glitter in it.

          • reply emanda ,

            Love the “pursed” lips! ;^)

            • reply Jursvi ,

              Kathleen is one of my favorite clay artists. Her works are so unique.

              • reply Tamara ,

                Those lips made me giggle. Just love that purse!

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