Germany’s Reinhard Fritz knows himself well! In his Facebook photos you can watch small life-like versions of him emerge in polymer over armatures of aluminum foil and wire.

For those of you holding out on Facebook, here’s a little montage of his work in progress and a picture of Reinhard with his self portrait.

His grin hints at mischief and amusement. Here’s his Flickr site.


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  • reply Reinhard Fritz ,

    • reply isabelle d'Hauterive ,

      that is fabilous I just love it !!!!

      • reply Michele ,

        This is amazing! The details are extraordinary. Thank you for sharing this, Cynthia.

        • reply Selma ,

          Schön, ich bin begeistert! Love, love, love!!!

          • reply Mery ,

            Nice one! 🙂 I love his scarf! Those are some really nice skills! :))

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