Housing starts are on the rise, at least in the polymer world. Two new ones – Inessa (smfactory) from Kiev with her Halloween houses and Slovenia’s Marjana Cajhen collections of buildings got me house hunting. You may remember a few others featured on PCD:

These nostalgic and stylized designs make popular wearable and decorative reminders of simpler times and places.

  • reply Natasa ,

    Lovely .
    With a little correction: the correct name of the second featured artist is Marjana Cajhen. On her blog, she goes by the name Carovnicka ( = Little Witch), which goes perfectly with your today’s post 🙂

    Greetings from Slovenia

  • reply marjana ,

    tnx .. this is a great honor for me .. I am very happy

    • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

      Oh, my these are so cute!

      • reply Nicolas and Sofie ,

        It is always so good to see so many wonderful artists working in polymer!! Your blog does such a wonderful job showing the variety and worldwide love for this medium.

        Thank you for mentioning our shop today!

        nicolas and sofie
        Bewilder and Pine

        • reply Tamara ,

          Love the house necklace. Very inspiring!

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