These polymer pocket totems (all about 1.5 inches tall) from Danielle Pedersen are imbued with spirit. “This series is for the travelers, the kids-at-heart, and everyone who wants to take an animal wherever they go. Of course, you can always keep them on your desk or any place in your home that currently needs an animal,” she says.

Picking out the ones that best fit your personality or mood can be challenging. Danielle cleverly offers sets so that you can build your own zoo. They’re all hand sculpted and meticulously painted. Read more here.


  • reply genevieve ,

    So adorable – its hard to chose a favorite!

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      They all seem so serene! Beautiful work!

      • reply Jane Priser ,

        I love these! Wonderful.

        • reply Sandra D. ,

          Thank you Cynthia for show us the polymer art. I it amazing what we can do with polymer clay.

          • reply Lynn Lunger ,

            So charming. I love the fanciful patterns, they are so sweetly done.

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