Polymer up a notch

Maggie Maggio made a conscious effort to step out of her comfort zone when she applied for the Society of North American Goldsmiths’ (SNAG) virtual exhibit, The Body Adorned.

“In the same way a landscaper trains a plant to take the desired form, this piece is designed to be shaped to the body of the wearer,” Maggie says of her exhibition pieces. Polymer tendrils sprout from the model who happens to be Maggie’s daughter Monica, herself an urban farmer.

On her updated website and blog Maggie explains how a polymer symposium at the Racine Art Museum exhibit prompted her to take her work up a notch.

Watch Maggie playing with a early version of these designs in this Studio Mojo video from last spring. Join with others who want to take their work up a notch by signing up for StudioMojo.

  • reply Sarah @ Hip Earth Designs ,

    Maggie’s definitely got some BIG and BOLD pieces – gonna have the gears turning in my head for a few days.

    • reply Seth Savarick ,


      • reply Christine Dumont ,

        Looks like silk. The colours sing! I’m a huge fan. Maggie, I’m so looking forward to meeting you in March.

        • reply Selma ,


          • reply Sue O ,

            This piece is just too, too fabulous! I agree — it looks like silk. And the colors could not be better. Perfect!

            • reply Lynn Lunger ,

              The scale… makes me giddy. I LOVE the tendril piece. Everything about it. The scale, the gorgeous colors, the texture. I love seeing inspired vision. Wow!

              • reply Meisha ,

                This is my favorite of Maggie’s new series. These are so wonderful, and completely unique. I agree with Christine…they look like dyed silk.

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