These subtly domed designs from Germany’s Vera Kleist could be either beads or buttons. Vera gives minimal techniques maximum impact with her fashionable color choices and stringing variations.

Browse her Flickr and Etsy sites to see where her smart design sense has led her. Thanks to Bettina Welker for the link.

What happens in Vegas…

…will not stay in Vegas if I have anything to say about it. This weekend’s clay carnival will be my first and I’ll be meeting new folks and catching up with old chums. Can’t wait to share what I find with you!

  • reply Sandra Kugenieks ,

    Thanks for sharing with us everyday! Safe travels and I look forward to you will have to share when you return!

    • reply Georgie Galante ,

      What a great idea! Colorful and attractive.

      • reply Trina Williams ,

        Say Hi to Uncle Kathi, our colorful IPCA Guild Liason.

        • reply Barb Harper ,

          I’m jealous,wish I were there.Sure missed seeing you this summer.
          Hi to all .
          ps Thanks for sharing everyday with the world.

          • reply Wendy Moore ,

            In my Inbox, this post looked like “Beads or Butt” and I thought Cynthia was suddenly delivering some kind of tragic health ultimatum! The polymer version of “figure or face”. So relieved to click the link and see that it was BUTTON! Have a great time in LA Cynthia and remember that your bahini over here will be reading with interest! Hugs, Wendy, Kopila and the gang

            • reply Meisha ,

              Bright, bold, simple. I really like these…just bought a pair of buttons on the Etsy site.
              Thanks for the link Bettina and Cynthia.

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